They Breathe Fire

So what is the one most attractive thing a man can do by far? Smoke, now of course it's not as simple as that. It takes a certain man to do it in a certain way. The way I see it, just seeing him pull out a fag and smoke it while talking on his phone is not enough. When he sits in a dimly lit area in absolute seclusion staring with incredible intensity at what seems to be nothing (out a window or at something outside), ignoring all factors and noises around him. Just thinking, thinking and smoking or he could be not thinking at all. What he is thinking about, you don't know and all at once you want to know and don't care. All you're sure about is he looks like art incarnate. Nothing about him hints in the slightest about who he is (although you may know him) he seems like the perfect stranger. Now you just stare, stare at the white puffs of smoke leaving him. Every noise in the form of a brilliant scuffle or breath, becomes more than what it is. Now I'm not sure if it's the smoking I like or the intesity of a mans thinking. Either way I LOVE IT. If you don't believe me be on the look out the next time you go out.- Photo credit: Hedi Slimane