I'm currently (obsessively, I must say) adding atypical additions to my closet. I fear that this year I've been playing it too safe. Could this be an early new years resolution? Ok, well who does those anyway? I adore abnormal above all, tasteful clothing. The most brilliant thing about dressing like a madman is that it often teeters on the edge bad taste. Making it a challenge to the wearer to pull off and to others around to grasp. It invites wearers to expand their horizons, develop personality's and adopt playful attitudes towards dress, to experiment with strange or sexually charged looks instead of the mundane.

An obvious choice: black square hood t
One of many inspirations for the way I dress stems from mens wear. So of course when I came upon this person on LOOKBOOK.nu I nearly gutted myself. I mean, how inspirational is that? It's about time I find something to occupy me during the holiday. I have to do some half assed attempt at that cut up shirt and 'fake' chanel shirt of his. Ah, what a dead brilliant boy.

I can not seem to find a good picture so I'm giving in. I love draped clothing for one thing.The American Apparel circle scarf (I thoroughly love mine) is something lovely that's also versatile. You can wear it 12 different ways as instructed on americanapparel.net You can find some more ways to wear it on everybodyisugly on chictopia here

It's the holidays, I'm M.I.A., Most of my babies are M.I.A., It's cold, and I miss all of you babygirls. When I find the time I'll get to doing every one of those tags.