(Givenchy Gladiator Heels $995)

Need of the moment:
(Steve Madden Ginn heels $99-71)

I've recently been eyeing the givenchy gladiator heels in black, but I can't seem to find them anywhere T_T. So I've given in and just now bought a perfect pair by the king of copycat Steve Madden. It's on sale for the holidays for $99 + s&h and with my discount code for $71 total (ask me for the code if your interested)! Normally, when I think of replica designer items, china town LV and chanel purses come to mind -_-... (not a lovely thought) but anything for a shoe right? I've never really adored the asthestic of gladiator boots but these heels are to DIE for. You can view how amazing they look on Camille of childhoodflames here.

Things in black:Possible titles for this post.
- There is no such thing as "the new black"
- pretty in pink black.
1. Stella McCartney blazer, 2. Alexander Wang Tank, 3. Givenchy Heels, 4. topshop's feather collar, 5.Top Shop Shredded pants, 6.Black cigarettes, 7. Luella mask, 8. Chanel black nail poilsh, 9. Toblerone dark chocolate, 1o. Alexander wang clutch, 11. Doc Martens 1460 boot.

P.S.For those who wanted to be linked in my previous posts/ just want to be linked please give me a notice here and I will have a look. I've been so tired lately sorry for the lack of postage and responses. I will try to be blogging more frequently now. I love you my babies!

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