A classic comeback

For as long as I can remember studs have been overlooked and idolized as the fashion challenged 'teenaged' trinket. Pfft, I don't know if I have any right in saying that as I still have hoards of studded items from clutches to bracelets from my highschool days (I sound old T_T). Wait, what am I saying? Some of the most intresting fashion inspirations come from teenagers... I still am one. Back to studs, I'm so loving the fact that a little fashion culture and the right influences have made them so much more than what they are infamous for ex. the hxc brootality. >_> yes babies that's spelled horribly wrong for a purpose. Any how, I LOVE each and everyone of you! So much that i'd hug you all even at the risk of being maced a few times <3Studded shoe photo credit:Garbage DressCoat: Givenchy, Colin Stuart, louboutin, Jeffery Campbel, Balmain, louboutinGivenchy Studded Jacket, Made Her Think studded Ring, Made Her think Studded bracelets, ASOS studded glove, Marc Jacobs studded belt, Rodarte studded heels.