Fact: I sometimes wear mens clothing.

oversized jersey beanie, Padded nylon backpack, Army shoulder bag, Six scents #4  

Am I becoming and ALT bro or something? Recently most of my inspirations are being driven by unisex/male clothing, with the oversize-ness and all. Of course I'll add my feminine touches here and there, but my outfits are being centered around mens clothing. I've been enjoying some semi ugly but beautiful man bags (guilty pleasure?). Been obsessed with beanies and I think I've found THE perfect one. I've been needing some new scents, desperate for out of the ordinary rings, and wouldn't mind a black pair of my favorite combat boots. On another note, has anyone else noticed the mass postage of skull rings recently? Dr Martens 1460 classic, Margiela nail ring, fingerless gloves
I need you back in my life!

Need of the moment: I recently washed my clothes and my iphone after reluctantly forgetting I had left it in my pant pocket. Why don't I just wear leggings from now on...? I need to buy another one since there seems to be no way in hell that it's going to revive itself.

Listening to:CSS - alala
Jamie T - Sheila 
How bloody gangster am I?

Even though I've never, watched the movie (and in all honesty, don't intend to) I want to learn this dance ah ha ha >_> <_< wtf?