He took my heart, I think he took my soul.

To clarify this post is on the aesthetic genious of a man.
Sometimes, given the time and the place a man can be the closest thing to physical art. No, my perception on male beauty is not muscle bound and this isn't about finding the most compatible, reliable, and kindest person you can and calling it 'inner' beauty. This is something new and old. The untimely beauty of the male gender we're sometimes too stupid to notice.
It's when you find yourself unable to concentrate on anything else but his actions however small they maybe. Those actions could be expressions, gestures, or the tone of his voice. In all honesty sometimes it's not even about what he says. He could be saying nothing at all but it's the soft unintentional noises that could drive you insane. The rhythm in the way he breathes, a simple scuffle of his shoes on the pavement, or the sounds of his clothes rustling against itself those are some sounds that could drive you insane. You can even find beauty in a somewhat inappropriate time. When he stares vaguely at you/nothing and sips his drink while notibly being so tired. When he sits there reluctant, feeling frustrated/angry he pinches his forehead amidst the anguish and grief. The times when he's hurt or confused, things become deafeningly silent. Those are some inappropriately beautiful situations that can remind you of his humanity. Physical anomalies that can be attributed to his beauty are not only the basics of what you're accustomed to. The size and weariness of his hands, his unkept hair, his unshaven stubble, and the sutle shape of his lips are things we often overlook. Somethings are all too perfect to explain. This was all about realizing what was already there that even men don't realize themselves. Perhaps this is the epitome of vanity and selfishness, solely basing male beauty on the outer layer of perception and thought, but this IS after all a fashion blog. Any how, the simplest things, those are the concepts that remind you that life is not too complex after all you've just found happiness in the form of a man (yours or not) where else could you find it?
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Photo Credit: Hedi Slimane

P.S. As you can tell by now I'm a hopeless romantic. Most of the inspiration for "they breathe fire" and this piece derive from my boyfriend, who is the most brilliant man I've ever known. Also babies, I want to thank you all for contributing your thoughts to my blog. Lately, I've been discouraged about continuing this project but each time someone new/old re-establishes my ambitions so thank you with my deepest sincerity's. Currently I am revising some of my earlier posts because I feel they are dry. On an added note, I am trying to reply to everyone as soon as I can ♥