The O.I.C.M.P dilemma

The "oops, I crapped myself pants" (as dubbed by me >_>)otherwise known as the harem, drop crotch, genie, and hammer pants. Despite the horrendous name I've given them, the aesthetics of these pants can't help but appeal to me. I'm so confused as to whether it's my adoration for the look that's driving me to buy them. Or am I just indulging in a trend? I'd love to hear from anyone fashion savvy out there. Honestly I'm getting nothing from the love department. My boyfriend is utterly clueless (and because he reads this)I love you honey!<3 I'm beginning to suspect that my friends are only encouraging me to see me pull an Mc hammer dance... can't touch this! Anyways, whats your take on them babies? Maje Engergie harem pants, Antipodium Low Hanger Harem Pants, ASOS Pocket Detail Harem Pants, Top Shop Harem Pants, Rick Owens Harem-style pants