Two Zero Zero Ninezy's ////////// The Death of 08

Photobucket(08 Hurry. go. DIE.)Photobucket
For all purposes lets pretend this was posted on 1.1.09 HAPPYNEWYEAR babies. This year was epic (despite the recession aka "um, what recession?") and I can't wait to start living 09. I miss/hate/love you 08. Honestly I have nothing THAT bad to say, I had a pretty decent year.

how about you?
2k8: did you're best.
2k8: full of regrets?
2k8: no regrets?
2k8: the year W.A.S became the only friend who ‘gets’ me
2k9: un/branding? 
2k9: will ‘fall in love’?
2k9: I will become more/less dependent on the internet
2k9: buy more/less
2k9: the year I got ‘a smart phone with a touch screen?

I was trying to make a NY's resolution but failed terribly. Earlier I was: OMG my it mutated! it's not a resolution list, it's a damn wishlist china, you idiot  ToT WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
Just a FEW (I mean Seriously, I have a list you couldn't even begin to fathom)

things I need before I die/before 09 ends: Rodarte Cardigan, Dr Marten Black 1460 boot, Sam Edelman boots, Top shops studded heel/steve madden studded heel. 

Oh and here's my  favorite convo of the year:
Mitchel: Did you wanna go to wendys?
Kyle (driving): Woah did you see that? He almost hit me!... I thought we were going to Mcdonalds?
Mitchel: I thought you said wendys!
Kyle: He's gonna get it, he's so gonna get it
Mitchel: Honk, wait no don't, Oh no, please don't honk
Kyle: He's in a truck thats scary. He's probably a man and, when I say man I mean-
Mitchel: Like he's hairy?
Kyle: Yeah, and not his chest, his knuckles, his knuckles are hairy
Mitchel: and when he punches you it tickles, and your like tee hee.