Don't touch me///////////I have unfinished business

(Made her think Talon ring in gunmetal, Vivienne Westwood Armor ring, Asos necklace and bracelet, vintage black stone ring, random silver ring, The ring closest to the right is a very detailed dragon *growing on me)
power ranger gloves shhhhaaaa shhiiiiinnnng-MADEBYME +++ My alternative to wearing bling when it's fricken cold outside, AND what I would like to know is why my arm looks tan... I'm a ghost fer realz.
Been watching scrubs, CSI/CSI NY, studding shit, reading this months dazed, craving pancakes, spending all my New years money, getting over my fever, making clothes, (on a side note, dennys was giving out free pancakes on the day I wanted them so badly but yeah I like paying for pancakes...?) and documenting my favorite convos.

C: I think it would be cute if I saw a sheep in front of your house.
A: If I saw a sheep in front I'd kill it and eat it.
C: Noooooo, whyyyyyyyyy!?
A: It's the credit crunch, free sheep.
C: ToT

G: Ah you know I'm an idiot, I've been dropping all these small subtle hints that I like you. Side ways glances the secret smiles, telling you I want to screw you. You're clearly not interested.

T: No it's not that... I'm not exactly what you would call a winner. Oh sure I'm a lawyer, but that's only because I took the bar exam in Alaska and they only have like four laws and most of them are about when you can and can't kill....... seals.