Jewelry designer Tara Levitin (of Leviticus Jewlery) creates handmade jewelery with pure unaltered alternative Brilliance. Far from mundane her pieces have a sense of eccentric perfection with out looking tacky.

Of course not all of us have cushiony bank accounts. Roaming the web for affordable things can get out of hand *cough* *cough* all the f21 crap. Independent designers are always the best alternative. Therefore finding something affordable with out the gaudy cloud of suck lingering around it + no "onoes green ring of death" around your neck/hands/ears. HAHA. So with that image I'm sure some of you know all to well, think twice. Tara uses a vast assortments of metals from antique to new. The best thing is since every piece is hand assembled. So, the quality is assured and each on it's own is unique. "Unique" now isn't that the one word we can not hear enough of in our wardrobe?
Here are the pieces she sent me Winged Key, and Heavy Metal