Is this Nostalgic? I know bloggers have been going on and on about all of Rodarte's f/w 08 collection, knit tights, shoes, cardigans/sweaters, and all. Anyway yes, I've finally succumbed to my need/want/love of the rodarte tights. I scoured my way to Brooke on Etsy who was kind enough to do a collab with me and work on the rodarte esque tights to my preference. First, let me say she was brilliant and the tights are amazing. As we all know Tavi was the one lucky blogger to actually got the real deal. Seriously, I'm dying to find new ways to wear it. Other than with the bandage dress I have, that I am mentally stuck on (/boo mental block). Oh and for fans of style bubble, (in case you missed it) Susie has them too./////////////////////////////////////
Tights etsy, Heels Steven Madden, Boots Dr Marten;