(/the load of crap that will probably kill your brains)
Nicholas Kirkwood heels are friken genius. I NEED them.

I've been in LOVE with bird skull necklaces ever since seeing the pamela love necklace on Oaknyc. Sadly I would call my self a douche bag if I actually paid the asking price for said necklace. I'm sure my boyfriend would have thrown a fit If I had. My alternative was to scour the web till I found a suitable one (for $15 mwah hahahaha). So, I recently bought the silver one and I no longer NEED them, but I WANT them to come in the mail (/cheesy).


this is why you're fat I'm pretty sure this will essentially cause unintentional obesity or anorexia for it's readers (/haha) but really It was something I could have spent an hour flipping through, had it not been for the immense heartburn I felt. Wait... is it even possible to get e-heartburn? Kinda makes me wonder who would do such things to their bodies? Maybe that's a tad bitchy but LOOK at some of that food crap. I mean, the oreo picture is just a highlight of whats on that blog. I hope it's all just for funsies and not for eating. I think my boyfriend said he would eat the giant burrito.