Visit her blog Parlezvous Mae

Holy fucking shit agrkanjfkeflksdfnk. Yeah, I'm going to post about Mae again. She's got it down to a science. If I didn't post this shirt I might as well have lunged myself down a flight of stairs. If she ever sells anything, you bet your ass I'll be first in line.

+ update on me: Well I'm dying... emails&orders piling up. I never imagined my store would be this popular. I'm tired all the time, still going to school, and my social life is hanging by a thread. Listening to smashing pumpkins... and some sweet, sweet radiohead. Been watching everything on adultswim and re-watching the inbetweeners (which has to be the best show EVER). Bought a ton of new clothes and shoes (that I will post sometime soon). So, currently I'm surviving off cigs and coffee. I don't even have time to paint my nails... dammit