I recently got this (frick yeahh power shoulders!) cardigan as a gift to myself. As if every thing I buy isn't "a gift to myself". Anyway, I can’t help but be beyond tempted to dye it black. Wow such a surprise right? Sometimes I feel like a perpetual black dot in a otherwise colorful and bright city. I couldn't even imagine how blindingly pitch black (if that even makes sense) my outfits are to the general public. Really I just find myself and the way I dress hilarious. Damn my unwillingness to give into colors outside black, grey, and white. Though I’m pretty content with my honesty to myself and that I don’t often (if at all) give in to whims of colorful fancy.

+ I must add that my closet is a blackhole-to-another-dimenson, I'm surprised I can even tell one thing from another.