Johnathan Goldstein/Camazotzs Claw (Classic)

This post is long over due. Jonathan graduated at Parson's the new school of design and later interned for Bliss Lau, OAK, and Robert Geller. A brilliant mind, as well as fellow advocate of the dark and obscure side of design. His rings exude something of a different level as far as rings go. Aesthetics include being uncomprehendingly beautiful and slightly lethal. It will-consume-your-brain.

I'm intensely moved by his work. The thought process that goes into it is just fascinating in and of it's self. A excerpt from his item description reads "This unisex ring is designed in the image of the claw of Camazotz, a bat god in ancient Mayan culture. Kame, meaning "death", and sotz', meaning "bat." Camazotz was associated with night, death, and sacrifice." Now comes my sequence of unending spasms. Jonathan really knows how to kill a girl gently with a chainsaw.

I had the honor of being the second person Jonathan gifted this god send. Though I confess it has a entity of it's own. Causing me revise my other rings and purchase a few more worthy (of it's presence) others. I can't say I'm not more happy with the out come. Soon will follow a post appropriately titled "WE DIE WITH THIS SICKNESS" with my own personal images with Death Bat.